Andrew Gell - Chairman

Andrew Gell
170 High Street, Riseley, MK44 1DR
Tel: 01234 708191
Administration & Finance Town
Parish Council Network

Jim Allen

Vice Chairman
Mr James Allen
20 Brooklands Road, Riseley, MK44 1EE
Tel: 01234 708864
Highways and Footways
North Beds Parish Council Group

Thurma Cohen

Mrs Thurma Cohen
29 The Orchard, Riseley, MK44 1EB
Tel: 01234 709337
Ross Meadow and Allotments
Tree Warden
Village Hall
Sharnbrook Communities & Federation of North Beds Schools

Andrew Clifton

Mr Andrew Clifton
54 High Street, Riseley, MK44 1DT
Tel: 01234 707003
Planning Joint Planning
Police Community Liaison Forum
Traveller & Gypsy Site Meetings

Kate Latham

Mrs Kate Latham
76-78 High St, Riseley, MK44 1DD
Tel: 01234 708754
Rights of Way & P3
Newsletter, Directory and Website
Bourne’s Close and Cakebread Charities

Duncan Steward

Mr Duncan Steward
91 High Street, Riseley, MK44 1DD
Tel: 01234 708302
Highways and Footways
Riseley Recreational Association
Police Community Liaison Forum

Reg Towler

Mr Reg Towler
131A High Street, Riseley, MK44 1DJ
Tel:01234 709305
Brook and Environmental Issues
Grass Cutting
Villager Minibus

Bill Wallis

Mr William Wallis
The Old Farmhouse, Lodge Farm Rotten Road, Riseley, MK44 1EJ
Tel: 01234 708979
Street Lighting

Mrs Heather Jones
57 High Street, Riseley, MK44 1DT
Tel: 01234 709189
Youth Matters

Parish Clerk
Ms Jane Presland
44 High Street Riseley MK44 1DT
Tel:01234 709516
Locum Parish Clerk

Village Hall Bookings
Mr Andrew Gell
Tel:01234 708191

Village Newsletter
Mrs Debbie Matthews
Tel: 01234 708436


Borough Councillor
Cllr Martyn Towler

Scald End Farm, Mil Road, Thurleigh, Beds. MK44 2DP

Tel: 01234 772688 / 07802184202