Notice to all Residents RE Bonfires

This is a plea to the communities of Bedfordshire from Bedfordshire Fire and  Rescue Service. 

We know that this is a difficult time for us all but we need to listen to what the government is telling us. Everyday life has changed and we are all feeling the impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has on ourselves and our communities.  

Because of this situation, our front line services are working harder than ever to keep our communities safe. 

Last Sunday 5 April, the BFRS attended 12 bonfires. Two were serious fires; one a fire in a rear garden that spread to the property. 10% of the property was damaged by fire and 50% was damaged by smoke. The other was a fire involving a large amount of building materials which was left unattended. The home owner was located and advice given by the fire service and police. 

If you wish to report smoke nuisance, please follow your local council’s advice  below: 

Bonfire and smoke nuisance advice Central Bedfordshire Council version Bonfire and smoke nuisance advice Luton Borough Council version Bonfire and smoke nuisance advice Bedford Borough Council version 

Despite our guidance, people continue to light open fires, knowing the risks &  damage to the environment. We urge you to please stop. 

Please do not light bonfires, keep your families safe. 

Please listen to the message from Chief Fire Officer Paul Fuller here: 

Please stay at home, if you are concerned about any fire safety whilst at home  check out our website for our home safety check 

Message Sent By 

Val Cumberland (Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Communications and  Engagement Manager, Bedfordshire)

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